This is a shared space:

Be kind and show respect to other members. Polo Coworking’s capacity to prosper depends on how you interact with others. If you are using a shared table, keep your belongings […]


The kitchen is a shared resource. There are just a few simple rules. 🙂 Coffee and water are for all. Feel free to refill you cup all day long. If […]


One of the founding values of the coworking movement is sustainability. Please do your part: Do not print any documents that could remain in digital form; Turn off lights or […]

Smoking is not allowed

What is necessity for you may be a nasty habit for other people; If you need to smoke, look for an open place.

Keep Quiet, Please!

Don’t make too much noise; speak softly; lower your ringtones or set them to vibrate; use headphones if necessary.


Permanent members: Unlimited access from Monday to Friday. Open space members: The space is open from 9:00 to 6:00 Monday to Friday.


Any organic trash should be thrown in the kitchen or bathrooms. The trash cans in the work space are for paper, plastic and other recyclable items. This will allow us […]

Do not post Adds on the Windows and walls

In order to be fare to all members, any posters or adds have to be previously approved by Polo Coworking management; We will post up the adds on the notice […]