Home Office vs. Coworking

Main pros and cons

During current times of technological evolution, several business models have arisen under which professionals do not need to physically share the same space. This increases the number of people working from their home offices or in coworking spaces.

However, there are some differences between home office and coworking.

On the other hand, in a Coworking space, the office space is shared, contributing to cost reductions when compared to a traditional office. This type of space provides a much more professional environment, which increases focus and concentration.

Whenever people organize their professional space inside their homes, they are still very close to their families. Therefore, we have a space that costs almost nothing, but that requires a lot of discipline on the part of the professional, because inevitably there is the possibility of family interruptions.

And finally, coworking spaces are ideal for networking. Several professionals from different backgrounds share the same space. Between a cup of coffee and a break people can interact and exchange experiences, potentially opening up new business options.

The infrastructure of coworking spaces are also one of their benefits. They enable the growth of the business, because if the professional needs to hire more staff for his team he simply increases the spaces leased. In addition, coworking provides an appropriate environment for receiving customers and holding meetings. This is not possible in a home office.

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