Keeping Focus and Increasing Productivity in a Coworking Space

Check out some tips to help keep focus and increase productivity in a coworking environment

While working in a coworking space allows people to focus on their work, by removing administrative concerns, the shared environment can contribute to loss of focus and productivity in some cases. The noise of an open environment and the networking opportunity these spaces provide can cause you to lose focus on the task and decrease productivity.

To avoid falling into this trap, we outline some measures that can help you stay productive and focuses during the day:

  • Use headphones to help reduce noise

The noise of an open and shared environment can disrupt many people`s concentration. Headphones are the best option in these cases. You can listen to music (choose something that helps keeping focus instead of distracting music) or you can choose noise cancelling headphones (ones that cover the entire ear are more appropriate for this).

  • Plan out your day/week and set clear goals

Making a daily/weekly to do lists and setting specific days to perform such tasks helps increase productivity. Having clear goals and planning how to achieve them is the best way to avoid wasting time on less important tasks.

  • Move around

Most Coworking spaces offer different areas to work for coworkers to use. Take advantage of this benefit and switch desks, go to a couch or work counter. Often times a change of environment can help in gaining productivity.

  • Plan to take short breaks

Take short, programmed breaks for coffee or talking to another coworker, for example. Studies indicate that these breaks can help keep focus during work times and increase people’s productivity.

  • Keep your space organizes and make it yours

A neat and tidy desk helps to keep a neat and tidy mind. Look for the coworking space that better suits your personality and work style and make it your environment.


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