What is a Coworking space?

What to expect from a coworking space

The growth of entrepreneurship and the need to reduce office costs contribute to increased demand for shared work spaces. The so-called start-ups do not need an entire office at their disposal and at the same time benefit from the exchange of experiences with other companies and professionals. Therefore, a coworking space becomes a perfect environment for such companies. In addition, many companies’ need to reduce office costs also attracts companies to coworking spaces.

After all, how does a coworking space work? Coworking is a new work model that aims to encourage the exchange of ideas, the sharing of knowledge and experiences, networking and collaboration between different professionals. All this in a physical office space.

A coworking space offers more than just desks and offices where professionals can work. These spaces have:

  • Conference rooms
  • Training/teaching rooms
  • Front desk reception with support services (phone and mail)
  • High speed internet
  • Multifunctional printer/scanner/fax machine
  • Living space
  • Lockers
  • Kitchen
  • Bathrooms

Polo Coworking offers the perfect space for your business. Come visit us if you want more information on the coworking model and how it can be the perfect solution for your business!

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